5 curiosities of Colombian indigenous women

Colombian indigenous women play an important and dynamic role within their cultures, economies and community organization. From them life springs forth to become promoters of the knowledge of their peoples and builders of peace.

That is why in this blog we want to give you 5 curious facts about Colombian indigenous women.

Nature and gastronomy 

In indigenous communities, have been in charge of food since ancient times, they seek to maintain traditions, they are synonymous with hard work and dedication.

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Women leaders committed

The leadership of indigenous women is increasingly important and representative. These leaderships are mainly focused on social, environmental and pedagogical issues.  Additionally, they are in charge of leading environmental projects with which they seek to protect their territories.

Women protectors of their history

Women are cared for and protected because of their importance in society. For the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada, women are directly related to the land, the Pachamama, for them «an Indian without land is nothing, an Indian without a woman has no strength».

Leadership and politics 

The indigenous communities have their own governments, and over the years women occupy increasingly important roles, they are pillars of the communities in which they are, while working for their development and raising their voices in leadership and politics.

Indigenous culture

The craftswomen seek to capture the cosmovision of their peoples in their work, generating unique pieces. In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Wiwa and Kogui weave their thoughts into their backpacks.

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