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Welcome to Ecosierra Perdida Tours SAS BIC

We are a community based tourism agency created by 7 communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Every time you buy a tour with us you support the community. Get to know the destinations, the categories, the tours and the indigenous wedding service that we have for you.

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Destinations Ecosierra Perdida Tours

Lost City Sierra Nevada

This destination has been a human biosphere reserve since 1979 (UNESCO). Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia. Which you can enjoy and explore responsibly with the help of native and local guides.

We have 4 tours available to Lost City Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and surroundings

The majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on the northern coast of Colombia, offers you a unique experience that combines the beauty of its Caribbean beaches with the grandiosity of its snow-capped peaks. Explore this natural paradise that is home to the world’s highest coastal mountain, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as amazing biodiversity. Discover a corner of Colombia where adventure and relaxation intertwine in a dream setting!

We have 12 tours available in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and surrounding areas.

Tayrona National Natural Park

In the department of Magdalena, 34 km from beautiful Santa Marta, Colombia, is located the Tayrona National Natural Park, a nature sanctuary and archaeological remains that invite you to find yourself. Ecosystems such as mangroves, corals, algae meadows, thorny thickets and magical dry, humid and cloud forests proliferate and host a surprising variety of plant and animal species that are a testimony of life.

The main attraction of the Tayrona Park are the white sand beaches that are preserved in a natural environment. Among the activities that you can practice here are: sighting of flora and fauna, especially endangered birds, hiking, swimming, etc.: this national natural park is a good setting for ecotourism thanks to its beaches with exotic waves.

We have 5 tours available to the Tayrona National Natural Park

Alta Guajira

This is a paradise place located on the Guajira peninsula, the northernmost point of South America. Its wonderful culture and natural landscapes make this place one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world. It is ideal if you want a complete immersion in an indigenous culture here the Wayuu live their culture, far from society in the middle of a wonderful desert that faces the Caribbean Sea and shows the greatness of this world. Likewise, a unique tour is carried out among mangroves where you will have the opportunity to appreciate different species of native and migratory birds such as pink flamingos if the season allows it, in addition to enjoying the landscape and the sea.

We have 2 tours available for Alta Guajira

Every time you buy a tour here you help the community!

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We are an agency made by farmers

We are responsible with the environment

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