Extreme sports you can practice in Colombia

In Colombia you can live a vacation full of adventure and adrenaline, amidst unparalleled landscapes and sunsets that leave you with your mouth open. Thanks to its unique geography (which includes mountains, rivers, coasts on two oceans, valleys and snow-capped mountains) it is possible to practice a wide variety of extreme sports in the most beautiful natural settings of the country. Here is a list of risky sports that you can practice on your next trip to Colombia.

Rafting and canoeing on Colombia’s wildest rivers

Colombia is one of the favorite destinations for rafting and canoeing lovers. The country has numerous rivers throughout its territory, but there are three areas par excellence where you can practice these sports.

The first is the Negro River, about two hours from Bogota, in the municipality of Tobia, Cundinamarca. This is a destination for beginners and has a length of approximately 6 kilometers.

The second area for rafting is the department of Santander, especially the Fonce and Suarez rivers, in the vicinity of San Gil. The routes are between 10 and 16 kilometers long. The Fonce River is visited mainly by beginners. The Suárez River, on the other hand, has a flow with large waves similar to those of the ocean, which are ideal if you want an extra dose of adrenaline.

Finally, there is the Magdalena River, which crosses the country from the department of Huila to the Atlantic. The length of the river allows both beginners and more experienced sportsmen to experience extreme vacations.

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Skydiving over Colombian landscapes

  • One of the favorite destinations for adventure tourism experts and enthusiasts is San Gil. This municipality is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, and although you can marvel at its architecture by taking a stroll through its streets, nothing compares to a tour from the heights.

Other places to see Colombia’s spectacular landscapes from the sky are Cali, the Caribbean coast and the municipality of Flandes, in Tolima.

Mountaineering and rock climbing for those who love heights and nature.

Because the Andes mountain range crosses the Colombian geography, the country is an ideal setting for hiking in the mountains or for ascents and descents on rocky lines.

If you are a lover of high mountain trekking, that is, high altitude mountaineering, you can practice this sport in mountains up to 5,000 meters. The main destinations, according to the Parks Division of the Ministry of Environment, are the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and the national parks Nevado del Huila, Puracé, El Cocuy and Los Nevados National Natural Park.

If rock climbing is your thing, you can visit Suesca, a municipality located an hour’s drive from Bogotá, or Chicoral, in Tolima.

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Flyboard on the Caribbean beaches

One of the extreme water sports that has become a trend in recent years is Flyboard, an activity that allows you to fly over the sea on a hoverboard that is attached to a jet ski by a hose.

The Colombian Caribbean Sea is the ideal setting for you to enjoy this incredible experience, especially in Cartagena, where in addition to seeing the beautiful beaches you can have an unparalleled view of the city.

Colombia is the ideal scenery for extreme travel. Do not hesitate twice to visit the country if you are a fan of adrenaline and discover why Colombia has become a tourist destination desired by travelers from all over the world.

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