Get to know the most welcoming country in the world

The most welcoming country is ready to welcome you with a big smile, a cup of hot coffee and all the warmth of its people, so that you spend an unforgettable season.

Colombia has regions with mountains, others with plains, several with majestic jungles and, of course, some with beaches. And as diverse as its landscapes are, so are its people. People who always have a smile as a greeting, ready to help anyone who needs it, to transmit the joy they carry inside and to make you feel in the most welcoming country in the world.

Colombian Western Andes

Colombian coffee is recognized worldwide thanks to its smooth flavor and excellent quality and, believe it or not, so are the people who live in the region that produces it, a region that transforms societies and looks to the future from tradition. In this area, mainly composed of the cities of Armenia, Pereira, Manizales and Medellin, you will find warm and friendly people, ready to make you feel at home. Those who visit the region will share with conversational farmers willing to serve them with the best coffee in the world and transmit all their warmth.

Greater Colombian Caribbean

A welcoming territory, where it is always summer: warm temperatures, refreshing breezes, paradisiacal beaches and cheerful people, home to fascinating cultures, indigenous and native, carnivals and music, sacred archaeological sites, the imagination of García Márquez and the most beautiful colonial city in the world. The inhabitants of these areas of the country are people who will treat you from day one, as if they have known you all your life: effusive greetings and many smiles are part of their routine. Their characteristic accent makes you feel as if they were singing, they carry the typical rhythms of Colombia and the flavor in their veins… You will notice that and if you let yourself be infected, you will feel that you are one more Colombian and that it is worth celebrating every moment of life.

Colombian Pacific

If you visit the Colombian Pacific, Colombia’s best kept secret, the joy of its culture will continue to infect you thanks to the city of Cali, with its salsa, gastronomy and traditional fairs that will transport you to a journey full of flavors and dance steps that the inhabitants of this area of the country will be happy to share with you.

In addition, on the Colombian Pacific coast, you will share with beings that seem to be from another world: the humpback whales. These illustrious visitors travel to the country between the months of July and November to give birth to their calves and greet their spectators with their enormous fins, making this magical paradise a true up-close experience with nature.

Colombian Amazon-Orinoquia

The Amazon-Orinoquia is the green heart of Colombia, an immense megadiverse region of millenary forests, colossal skies and thundering streams, where you can enjoy one of the best scenarios for adventure tourism.

The south of the Colombian Amazon-Orinoquia is inhabited by indigenous groups that are always willing to tell you the secrets of the jungle, to share their ancestral wisdom and to infect you with their love and respect for their habitat.

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This may be one of the least populated landscapes in the country, but you will still feel the warmth of the Colombian people. You will meet people from many parts of Colombia who have moved to these places for work reasons, but who have found a home there, as you will surely find yourself there too.

Each region of the country has different characteristics and those who live there reflect that essence in their behavior, without losing their kindness and warmth.

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