Positive Impacts of Tourism on Local Communities

In developing countries, the first purpose of promoting tourism is to earn foreign currency. It results in creating more jobs. It can even lead to ending unemployment, eliminating poverty, and promoting dialogues among civilizations. Additionally, it provides an atmosphere in which different cultures can meet and mingle. It’s important to know this and be aware of the importance of tourism on economic and social development.

Tourism can offer job opportunities directly and/or indirectly through the supply of goods and necessary stuff for cities or suburbs. It also impacts the economy, environment, politics, and sociocultural wellbeing of the host community.

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Sociocultural Aspect

Maintenance of culture and traditions like the handicraft industry and preservation of ecosystem is a notable point of tourism. Meeting different cultures and getting to know their art and skills is an example of positive impacts of tourism on local communities.

  • Better local facilities and infrastructure: This includes better education, health care, and job opportunities.
  • More cultural and social events for the local community.
  • More leisure facilities.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage: It leads to the rebirth of crafts, architectural traditions, and ancestral activities.
  • The revival of both urban and rural areas: Since many people are moving to urban areas for more job opportunities, it can be a great factor to pause all the immigration.
  • National Integration: Interacting with different people with various cultures and linguistic backgrounds leads to the Expansion of Literacy and Education among people.
  • An Increase in the Standards of Living
  • Improvements in the areas of health and family welfare.

Economic Aspect

When more money is circulated in the urban or rural areas, it stimulates the creation of new businesses and brings out a more positive image of the area, and reduces poverty. Economic benefits entail income creation, foreign exchange achievement, and more employment. We will face the economic growth of the country through industrialization, technology, education, better advertising, and liberal trade policies.

  • Generating jobs includes sectors such as food service, entertainment, accommodation, automobile transportation, public transportation, and tour operators.
  • Creation of infrastructure utilities is not only for tourists but also for the local population. Undoubtedly the infrastructure must be developed in a planned manner. There must be awareness about the probable overpopulation, overcrowding, and possible damages to the environment.

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Environmental Aspect

  • Increased investment in the area and more useful environmental actions and initiatives.
  • Educating the local community to raise awareness for environmental concerns.
  • Increase income for the preservation of facilities in each area to have minimum pollution consequently.

The more involved a local community gets in tourism development, the fewer damages of tourism will be on the area. Although we must be concerned about the negative effects and costs of tourism on that community as well. That is why we must focus on raising public awareness.

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