What is ecotourism?

Are you interested in new destinations and respect for the environment? Learning to combine the two aspects called ecotourism, to get an ecological vacation is simple and even more if you do it from a sustainable perspective.

Ecotourism or ecological tourism focuses on tourism activities from the preservation and enhancement of the environment (both natural and cultural).

What is sustainable tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization, ecotourism is based on the observation of the natural environment and traditional cultures, minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Closely linked to the term sustainable development, ecotourism is based on respect for the natural environment, avoiding mass tourism and seeking a connection with the environment and the local population.

The UNWTO defines the following as indispensable requirements for sustainable tourism:

Generate economic benefits for host communities for conservation purposes.
Offer local communities alternative employment and income opportunities.
Raise the awareness of local populations and tourists.

Basic principles of ecotouris

Tourism activity should minimize environmental and social impacts at the destination.
The tourism enterprise should work under the premises of respect for the environment and consideration for the local culture.
Ecotourism seeks to generate positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
The benefits will be destined to the conservation of the destination, both in the habitat of nature and the population.
Ecotourism seeks to respect the traditions and cultures of the population to be visited.

What we mean by ecotourism

In short, ecotourism is understood as «ethical» tourism, committed to the natural environment, to the local population and to the cultural heritage. Only from commitment and respect, ecotourism has its full meaning.

And from this commitment comes its main benefit for the environment and for the inhabitants of the tourist destination.

To speak of ecotourism from the traveler’s perspective, we must be clear about three basic ideas:

It is tourism based on nature, from observation and respect.
Opt for measures to protect the environment and promote sustainable and respectful means of transportation.
Respect and promotion of local communities, learning and respecting new cultures and promoting local commerce.

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