Why should we take an adventure trip?

While adventure tourism offers several benefits for physical health, there are no less those aimed at mental wellbeing. In addition, this type of travel is also in tune with social awareness, as it is part of a more sustainable type of tourism. That is why this way of traveling is gaining followers day by day. 

It welcomes more and more followers every day; tourists tired of seeing the typical and somehow marked. They flee from overcrowded areas and seek to venture into the less known, becoming a kind of explorers. We break down and argue the reasons why adventure tourism is booming.

Reasons why adventure tourism is beneficial


We clean too much. And when we can’t do it ourselves, we hire someone to do it for us. Adventure tourism involves some contact with the earth and mud. Although not on every occasion. Scientists have reported that our modern obsession with cleanliness may be leading to an increase in allergies and asthma. Getting dirty might be the best way to develop a stronger immune system.

The great outdoors

Adventure travel is a very special opportunity, not only to get in touch with nature, but to discover the natural wonders that the planet holds; Rivers, lakes, mountains, jungles, waterfalls, beaches… and a whole lot more to be amazed by, discover the many animals you share a home with, and understand your place and your responsibility in the conservation of it all, are more than reasons to embark on this adventure of travel. 


Walking makes the brain grow. This has been established by various research studies. Normally, your hippocampus gets smaller once you reach 50, leading to memory loss. But a group of middle-aged adults who took three 40-minute walks a week for a year grew their hippocampi by an average of 2%. Adventure tourism thus keeps you in better mental shape for longer.


Adventure travel fuels your dreams and builds your confidence. Moreover, once you get into the adventure travel wheel, your body will ask for more and all these benefits will multiply with repetition. Experiencing a wilderness doesn’t seem to be enough. Your traveling spirit will ask for more. And every time you return from one of these trips, you find yourself changing. Adventures build your confidence and prepare you to take on bigger challenges. Little by little, this type of tourism turns you into a true adventurer.

Challenges your comfort zone

We are among those who think that the most fascinating and exciting experiences, the ones you will remember for a long time and tell as anecdotes to your children or grandchildren, are those that are on the other side of fear and comfort. 

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We are afraid of not being able to do certain things, of being laughed at, of not being understood, of being seen as weirdos, or simply not fitting in with people. The good thing about adventure travel is that it helps you to get out of that zone where you have everything under control and encourages you to do new things that you would never think of doing in your day to day life, from adventure sports, hitchhiking, communicating in English or other languages, bargaining, to bargaining.

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